Friday Feast's

Face² delivering for Valentine’s DAY

You are very welcome to the most romantic weekend of the year, although we may be in a pandemic, we are going to forget about that for this weekend and kick back with some fine food, beverages and top tips from the guys at Cakeface and Face2 on just how to do that!

 AND… read our rapid fire round buzzer round where we discovered the most romantic story of how they met and how it came about that we are treated to such tasty treats from Cakeface and delicious brunches, lunches and takeways from Face2. 


Business Name: Face²

Who’s behind the Face2?

Who doesn’t love a backstory?! We’re Rory and Laura, our love story began in none other than Ballymaloe Cookery School where we both left corporate jobs to follow our passion. With a dream to learn the Pâtissier’s art from the experts spending two intense years working in pastry kitchens in awarding winning fine dining restaurants and hotels. From here, we moved to London where we lead teams of professionals in Michelin and five star establishments such as The Savoy.

Anyway, fast forward a few years, a couple of farmers markets and many hours in the kitchen, Cakeface was born, along with our first child! As we started to establish ourselves there, we wanted to bring brunch to Kilkenny, giving the Dub’s a run for their money! Thus, Face² was born…along with our second child! It has been a baptism of fire in many ways, thanks to the pandemic. That said, we really cannot thank our customers enough, people are so kind and supportive and we just want to say a massive THANK YOU <3

What’s hot this weekend:

Ah well it is LOVE weekend sooooooo, we are delivering a Date Night Dinner Box consisting of Build It Yourself Bruschetta, Creamy tomato and paprika Chicken & Chorizo Tagliatelle and a trio of Cakeface Macarons, Basils’ Strawberry Heart & Luxurious Handmade Truffles and we also supply wine & prosecco <3 

 Tell me more, how do I get my hands on these!!

Simples: https://cakeface.ie/product/valentines/ . Everything is linked from our Social Media Accounts too.

Any tips for a good Friday night in?

YES! Order dinner before Friday to let your mind relax in the knowledge that decision is made. Get comfy (or dress up!), pick your fav movie, light some candles and enjoy delicious food and wine.



Order your Date Night Dinner Box and enjoy a cosy weekend in

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