Friday Feasts with Tracie Daly

Happy Friday! The weeks are flying and it looks like our garden parties for the summer are getting that bit closer to a reality! Woo hoo! But more important business to attend to first! After every delicious main course we all need that something sweet to kick start the food coma, we caught up with the talented Tracie Daly to get some secret tips into what she does best but first, we asked a few vital questions! 

Tell us something we may not know about your business

I never know what my day or week will bring! I recently helped an Irish Celebrity Chef with their new Cookery Show ‘How to Cook Well’ that is on RTE- Mr. Rory O’Connell. An incredible experience. It was fast, furious, and safe! From a Food Business Coach to Home Economist. I was once a Senior lecturer at Ballymaloe Cookery School, so it was like picking up where I left off. It is amazing to now know how similar both roles are. Rory is incredible to work with, a true Master of his craft and so passionate. 

What’s cooking this weekend?

Fillet steaks from ‘Butcher’, this is my very first time to try them. I’ll rub them with a cut clove of garlic and bring them to room temperature before seasoning. Just before they meat the pan I will rub them in XV olive oil and seal on a HIGH HIGH heat, then I will cook until medium rare. What they will be served with: homemade crispy onion rings, rich and garlicky gratin dauphinoise, blackened cauliflower florets and grilled leeks and homemade bearnaise if I can find fresh tarragon. And dessert- a freshly baked sponge with raspberry and rum jam, with softly whipped cream and roast rhubarb on the side. I am salivating even typing this out 😊

What local food producers do you use?

I love getting the chance to go to the farmers market and seeing what I can get my hands on. Anything by Highbank Orchard will always elevate a meal, their syrup on breakfasts from porridge to granola to French toast to drizzled on gourmet salads. Their vinegars are equisite and pack so much flavour. I love dealing with Grogan and Brown as they pride themselves in supporting local which means as a consumer I can too. I love Rings Chickens. Goatsbridge smoked trout and trout fish cakes are fabulous and such brilliant products to create a quick, simple and nutritious lunch or supper from. I love the Little Mill too, their flours are delicious and their wholemeal and spelt flours have a unique and delicious texture that I can taste in everything I bake. We are so very lucky to have some incredible producers on our doorstep.

If you were to be treated to a meal in Kilkenny where would it be and why?

Fun question and tough enough to answer……..
After the first lockdown my favourite place to dine was my brother’s beer garden – The Pod Garden at The Front Room. I felt so safe, and I loved the friendliness of the ‘A’ team. I also really enjoyed eating at Langton’s and Zuni’s and what stands out the most for me is the Cead Mile Failte they offer and then the food is a close second. But dining out for me is more about the overall experience. I appreciate all elements and good food on its own is not enough for me to enjoy my evening, it is a big part of it obviously. As a chef food is my everything but as a Food Business Coach I love to take an aerial view and experience all that is on offer. I will have to go to all three once we are permitted as choosing one is too difficult.

Have you any upcoming plans you want to tease us with?

I am about to launch my online shop on my website www.traciedaly.com to sell my favourite aprons. I have spent decades wearing aprons for my work as they were ‘uniform’ requirements and I simply hated them and their design. So, 3 years ago I came across an apron that supports my whole upper body, does not pull on my neck, they are also lovely to look at and have pockets. So, I decided I needed to start selling them. Every time I wear them on a job the most frequently asked question is – ‘I love your apron, where did you get it’. Coming soon 😊

How can Tracie Daly help my business!

I am a service-based business so if you are looking to revamp your menu, have a one-day overhaul of your business or hire a trusted advisor to ensure you maximise your potential then log onto my website www.traciedaly.com browse, send a query or book a service right there and then! Take massive action today that will positively impact your tomorrow.

Are there any top tips from you on how to best sample some of your dining at home?

Absolutely. Hop over to my website www.traciedaly.com and wait for the pop-up and sign up to my SECRET foodie newsletter and receive delicious recipes straight to your inbox to try in the comfort of your own home. This was a lockdown project that meant I could bring my kitchen to yours virtually. The response has been overwhelming and a brilliant addition to my business that I love and enjoy. Come and join my secret foodie community and see what delicious things you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I have also created a Kitchen Calander to represent the Irish seasons that will help you in your kitchen. That is free to download or print. It is on ‘My Story’ page on my website My Story | Tracie Daly Food Business Coach | County Kilkenny I wanted to offer home cooks, passionate foodies, gardeners and chefs a chance to save their favourite recipes and notes from each month and season. Enjoy 😊

Finally, What are your top tips for a good Friday night in, just while we can’t go out!

My top tips are simple and delicious: Order a grazing box from MUSE at The Butler Gallery and get a gorgeous bottle of wine from Le Caveau then unwind with friends virtually or over a bloody good box set. Simple pleasures with good food and wine are a recipe to living damn well, even during a gloabal pandemic 😊

and as promised, here’s the key to the secret desert! Follow Tracie for fabulous recipes, treats and a good laugh!