Breweries & Distilleries

Ballykeefe Distillery​

Located in the picturesque Kilkenny countryside, just 15 minutes from Kilkenny city. The Gings view themselves very much as custodians of the combined farm and distillery operations, aspiring to hand the farm on to future generations as a more sustainable operation than when they started farming in Ballykeefe. To this end the distillery was established to complement and diversify operations on the farm which began as a beef and tillage operations.The creation of the first Whiskey distillery in Kilkenny in over 200 years has revived a lost tradition, making Ballykeefe Distillery a unique grain-to-glass operation.

Highbank Orchards​

Highbank Orchards is home to the original and innovative and multi award winning Highbank Orchard Syrup. We also produce several delicious Apple juices, including our acclaimed non alcoholic Drivers Cider as well as Highbank Proper Cider and Medieval Cider, matured on their wild yeasts with no added sulphites. 2014 brought the addition of Dodonus – the smallest Distillery in Ireland which was built in the old Highbank Dairy and now produces Highbank Organic Apple Spirits – the first Irish and Kilkenny Organic Apple gin known as Highbank Crystal Gin (out of the rocks of Kilkenny), Highbank Orchard Spirit, Highbank Orchard Liqueur Brandey and Highbank Organic Apple Vodka.

Sullivan's Brewing Company​

“Our mission is to revive the lost art of real Irish brewing in #Kilkenny using the finest local ingredients to create great tasting beer – every time!”Sullivan’s opened for business over 300 years ago in the heart of Kilkenny City and is steeped in history and a story you should definately treat yourself to.

Costellos Brewing Company​

“When it comes to food and drink, our passion for self-sufficiency grows into an obsession. We started this brewing company to ensure the craft of brewing in Kilkenny flourishes. Our city needs our brewers as much as we need our butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.Gerald packed in the day job (Gabrielle now pays all the bills) and started the adventure. “

Smithwicks ​

Experience the ale known worldwide right in it’s home town!“Harvested from our land, seasoned by our history, Smithwick’s has been brewed here in Ireland since 1710. Enjoying your favourite Smithwick’s Ale, while one of our local staff explains what makes it so unique, makes this one of the most enjoyable tours in Ireland.”