Bernie’s Take Out

Friday Feast’s with Bernie Delaney

Friday Feasts with Bernie Delaney

We recently caught up with the very busy Bernie who has quiet the story to tell and an amazing attitude to go along with it! Her inspiring story has led her to follow her dreams and create a healthy lifestyle driven by good food and good humour! She shares a few tips and tricks with us aswell as a recipe to try out this weekend! 

Bernie, how did ‘Bernie’s Take Away’ come about?

I don’t technically have a business (yet) but I host many different tips and recipes on my facebook and Instagram page @Bernie Take Out and also host cooking classes on zoom. I want to showcase as much local produce that Ireland has to offer and turn it into a tasty meal.

It would be only fair to say that my life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2017 I was only 40. I had a mastectomy that followed intensive chemo and radium until March 2018.

When I was diagnosed, I was 55kg and 5ft 8 in height I wanted to make my body as strong as possible to be able to take the hit that chemo would bring. Through this journey of rediscovery, I learnt so much about my body my mind my soul my life. I moved back from Dublin where I was working and had all my treatments for the cancer. I decided to sell my house in Kilkenny that I was renting and move home from Dublin after I finished my treatments. I bought a derelict cottage out the countryside revamped a wee bit and I have never looked back.

I really made myself rediscovered a love for food and our food sources within Ireland and how important it is to fuel your body with good foods 😊

What’s cooking this weekend?

I am going to do a dish that is simple yet so fresh and healthy, plus it will so impress your guests and your palette. This dish can be made as a starter or a main. It is my all-time favourite I do love all seafood but, in this recipe, I will be only using raw prawns.

So, we are cooking Prawn fish cakes (gluten free) drizzled in a homemade sweet chilli sauce.

(Recipe to follow!)

What local food producers do you use/ or use often?

When in season I am so fortunate to have Shane Hatton in Bossco’s Garden to select my fresh vegetables… for my meat I use Breaghagh Valley Butcher at Newpark Stores in Kilkenny or Brogan and Grogan and also Murphy’s Butcher in Callan for a selection of meats and cuts that are outstanding.

When it comes to fish, I use the Fish Market in the Hebron Industrial Estate form the selection to staff both outstanding.  I also rotate my shopping each week to support a new supplier as this is how I come across such nan array of a selection and love meeting the faces behind the scenes. Also cooking up new dishes is so much easier when your produce is Class A.

If you were to be treated to a meal in Kilkenny where would it be and why?

This is a difficult question as I love to cook and be the host. But for an all-round win win I would choose Billy Byrnes this Gastro Pub which has grown with so much to offer and the décor with a twist of festival feel is situated at the top of John Street and run by Willie Byrne the food is so good and the menu is extensive, diverse and supports local producers along with hosting different nights showcasing different dishes. It has an area for everyone, the staff are amazing, and the customers add the je ne say que…They also do a mean Sunday Brunch a must to add to your list.

Have you any up coming plans you would like to tease us with?

I am hoping to have a follow up cooking show with a special guest once a month showcasing local produce and how to turn it into a tasty meal provide I can secure sponsorship. Also I am hoping to have a selection of salad dressing hitting the shelfs next year and fingers crossed a cook book so  yep……. Watch this Space!!

How can I get my hands on your delicious cooking?

Just drop me a DM I do one to one cooking classes or with groups or I can make the dish of your choice ready for your collection. (Contact Details Below)

Are they any top tips from you on how to best sample some of your dining at home?

Just following me on Bernie’s Take Out on Facebook or Instagram or You Tube I show my dishes that I make on a weekly or daily bases and I also share the recipe when requested.

What are your top tips for a good Friday night in?

Chose a meal that is cooked in advance such as Lasagne, Quiche, Thai Green Curry etc also choose a dessert such as chocolate mousse so all you need to do at the meal time is just make the side dishes such as rice, homemade fries or salad and pop open that bottle of red/white.

Giving more time to enjoy your night at a relaxing pace and more quality time with your partner, family, friends or guests.


So let’s get stuck into these Prawn fish cakes (gluten free) drizzled in a homemade sweet chilli sauce!


Raw Prawns x 300g

Fresh Coriander x full packet 50grams (or to taste)

Fresh Spring onions x 1 bunch

 Fresh Raw Red chilli x 2 (or to taste)

Rice flour x 3 to 4oz (for binding)

Free Range Egg Whites   x 2 (separate and keep the yokes for your omelette in the morning)

Mixed organic salad leaves (of your choice)

Salt ‘n’ Pepper to taste

Get Cooking

  • Slice the prawns in half or into small pieces.
  • Chop the coriander chilli and spring onion.
  • Put all chopped ingredients into a bowl add the rice flour (keep some for dusting and rolling) and mix well, all the ingredients should be well coated in rice flour.
  • Separate the eggs/ you will only need the white of the egg for this recipe.
  • Add the whites one at a time as you do not want the mixture to be too wet. If this happens just add more rice flour until the mixture is covered enough to be able to make round fish cake bites that are not tacky you can also pat into shape and dip in rice flour before placing on the pan.
  • Have a frying pan warmed with oil add a good amount so at least half the fish cakes are covered dip the cakes into the oil and turn to make sure to seal then turn down heat and let the cakes cook slowly ensuring all ingredients are cooked thoroughly 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Once cooked remove from pan and place on kitchen roll let seat for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then place on a prepared bed of mixed salad leaves.

Drizzle with a freshly homemade chilli sauce as below.

TIP if you want a real burst of flavour add extra coriander and chilli……OH MY this will leave your dish bursting with freshness AND once you make you homemade chilli you will never go back to shop bought again trust me…….

Watch Bernie cooking the recipe here and cook along with her!

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