5 ways to enjoy Goatsbridge smoked trout

Smoked, rainbow trout from Goatsbridge farm is a delicious protein powerhouse. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, and bursting with Vitamins B3, 6 and 12. Here are 5 recipes that make the most of this delicious, sustainable and locally sourced fish.

Goatsbridge Trout Taco with Baked Sweet Potato

The first recipe comes from Goatsbridge’s website. A twist on the classic fish taco the rich smoky flavour of the trout matches beautifully with fresh avocado and sweet potato.

Smoked Trout Fish Pie

Make a comforting fish pie in a flash, with this super-speedy recipe. Served in individual ramekins these mini pies are easy to make but look amazing and taste even better.

Smoked trout and pea pasta

A hearty healthy, speedy meal packed with omega-3s and ready in just 20 minutes. This simple pasta dish is great for a mid-week meal.

Smoked fish chowder with Rainbow Trout Caviar

A rich, warming comfort food, chowder is the perfect meal on a cold winter night. This recipe from Bo Appetit highlights the best qualities of smoked trout and pairs beautifully with Goatsbridge’ Rainbow Trout Caviar.

Herby, Smoked Trout Fishcakes

Another fantastic recipe from the Goatsbridge website, these fishcakes are simple, delicious and gluten free. They can be prepared in advance and cooked quickly, perfect for sharing with family or friends.

So go grab a trout from Goatsbridge and get busy at cooking some fish! These 5 simple recipes are just the thing you need for the holdiay season when the Turkey and Ham get too much and your taste buds need a change! Let us know how you get on cooking them @tastekilkenny on social media!