Behind the Taste of Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams!


Behind the taste of Joan & Bob's Juicy Jams

Most houses across Ireland are sure to always have a stock of jam in the press, and why not! It makes for an excellent snack of bread and jam, it can be used to sweeten up those deserts and it’s good for you! 

Some of the benefits of eating bread and jam are 

  • a good source of iron 
  • helps your immune system 
  • source of vitamin E
  • provides healthy fats
  • manage weight 
  • helps with stiffness!


Joan and Bob took their passion for preservation to a new level around 2012 and from their kitchen, in Thomastown they began the journey of jam making, it’s a real hands-on effort as they do everything from the creative aspects of making the product to packing and ready for processsing. 

“We grow and harvest a lot of our own fruit and collect and freeze all the wild berries used in the jams. We sell our preserves to select Artisan food stores, craft butchers, health food shops and cafes, where we carry out regular tastings of our products. Farmers markets and food fairs have also become regular events for us and along with promoting our preserves, we love meeting up with fans of our jams, it helps us know what you like best!”

So now you know the love and care that’s in every jar, why not share the love and pick up some jam, some brown bread, and make someone’s day! 



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